About Us

This website was set up to address the concerns that the general public have regarding the admission from the VW Group that they have falsified emissions levels on some models in the US.

CO2. It's a dangerous gas which can cause all sorts of problems to our health and environment, and left unchecked can seriously affect our quality of lives.

In September 2015 it became apparent that Volkswagen had installed an algorithmic piece of software on certain models that secretly reduce the CO2 levels under laboratory conditions. This was created to deceive the official targets so that they could remain a powerful player in the automobile market, and sell more cars as a result.

By doing so, VW broke the law, decieving both officials and their own valuable customers, who believed that the cars they were driving were environmentally friendly. They broke their trust.

We built this website very early into the VW scandal, and little is known about the so-called 'defeat device' that was installed into the software that controls how the engine operates.

However, there are many questions yet to be answered by everyone surrounding the scandal, including the government, industry officials and of course, Volkswagen themselves.

We don't know if VW were acting alone. Some are saying that the scandal may be more widespread than we originally thought. Could other once-respected car manufacturers be also involved in rigging environmental tests?

We shall see. This website has been put together - albeit hastily - to address some of the concerns that consumers have about the scandal, offering advice and guidance, as well as giving more background information into what has happened.

As new information comes to light, we'll add it to our website so that you can remain abreast of the latest developments.