MITSUBISHI Mirage, 2013

GJ3 - Fuel Emission Data

CO2 g/km

CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, shown in grams emitted per vehicle per kilometer. An asphyxiant gas, not classified as toxic but can cause suffocation in concentrations of 7-10%.

CO [mg/km]

CO (carbon monoxide), toxic to humans when in concentrations in excess of 35 ppm (parts per million or milligrams per litre). It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.

NOx [mg/km]

NOx (mono-nitrogen oxided), produced from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen gases during combustion, contributing significantly towards air pollution. Not to be confused with nitrous oxide.

*Less than average: based on similar sized engines between 1093 and 1293 engines.

The following fuel emissions data outlines the official recorded CO2 emissions level for the MITSUBISHI Mirage, 2013 GJ3, derived from the VCA Executive Agency of the Government's UK Department for Transport.


Emission Type Level(s)
Metric Urban (Cold) 5.0
Metric Extra-Urban 3.9
Metric Combined 4.3
Imperial Urban (Cold) 56.5
Imperial Extra-Urban 72.4
Imperial Combined 65.7
CO2 g/km 100
Emissions CO (mg/km) 543
THC Emissions (mg/km) 41
Emissions NOx (mg/km) 22
THC + NOx Emissions (mg/km) N/a
Particulates (No.) (mg/km) N/a

Vehicle Information

Manufacturer Level(s)
Manufacturer MITSUBISHI
Model Mirage, 2013
Variant GJ3
Transmission 5MT
Engine Capacity 1193
Fuel Type Petrol
Electric Energy Consumption N/a
Electricity Cost N/a
Wh/km N/a
Maximum Range N/a km / N/a mi
Cost / 12,000 miles N/a
Euro Standard 5
Noise Level dB(A) 71.0
Date Last Changed 22 April 2013