Lobby group says motorists being tricked

28 September 2015 13:17

Lobby group says motorists being tricked

A report released by lobbyists Transport & Environment have said that motorists are routinely being "tricked" by car manufacturers over fuel tests, the BBC has reported today.

The lobby group, based in Brussels, have claimed that they have seen an average gap of 40% between the fuel and CO2 that vehicles emit in laboratory tests against on-road driving conditions, and that as a result, motorists are paying £331 more each year in fuel.

Transport & Environment's vehicle programme manager Greg Archer, told the BBC, "There is a need for a new [emissions] test but what we're also seeing here is a distortion of the current system. The independent agencies [in Europe] that oversee the tests are paid for by the car industry themselves. In the US, we have an independent regulator, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that ensures they're done rigorously."

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34376086


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